Sunday was hot, really hot! We went to church as usual, thankfully the building was cool. Then we came home and made lemonade slushies, Jordan's discovery. We have a really amazing blender. It will crush up ice to snow and blend fruit to be perfectly smooth. I am kinda obsessed with it. Yay, for wedding gifts.

After the slushies showed little progress we tried staying very still with the fans on. After that failed we had no choice but to suffer through the heat and I started cooking dinner. Well you can only imagine cooking made it about a hundred times worse. After we ate we were both melting, and Jordan jokingly laughed and said he had talked to his mom and she told us to go run through the sprinklers. We both laughed at this because we live downtown surrounded by cement and buildings so there really are no sprinklers around, but it sounded so refreshing. That was it we needed to find some sprinklers! So we jumped in the car and headed for the fields. I made jordan promise me that if we found some we had to go run through them. We found a whole field and ran through them for a while! It felt so good! We also had a date and now we are getting packed up for Labor day weekend! It is our 1 year anniversary and I honestly can't believe it. We are both so excited to get out of town!


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