Monday Monday Monday

Monday is killing me slowly. I think I just have to face the facts that my weeks are going to be jam packed this semester. Jordan and I got a new mattress last night and I slept amazingly! It made for only one problem... getting out of bed this morning! AHHHH. When our alarm went off we both laid there talking until 10 mins before we had to get out the door, so I grabbed a Snapple on my way out to make up for no breakfast (really at 7 am breakfast isn't needed). Then I got to my fitting and alterations class and we were fitting men's suits today so a few guys came to be examples, Jordan included, while one guy was standing he locked his knees and got really pale, then started to go down! We all jumped up and his wife was bawling, talk about drama! I gave him my Snapple and we had paramedics in the class for the duration. Way to start off a week right? I felt so bad! Then I realized I had to spend my two hour break here at the library and couldn't go home to eat! Luckily my project consists of looking at old photos I've taken:

So I am here reminiscing about Europe and dying to go back! Someday right? For now I guess I am stuck in school with 7a.m. class and guys passing out. The thing that makes it better?
This guy...
 Refusing a real smile and trying to hide his braces! 
He is still really handsome...
Happy Monday!


  1. Hang in there, Cass! I totally know how those Mondays are...hopefully it will be over before you know it! Thanks for blogging - I love keeping up with you this way! :) So sorry we were not able to meet up when you were down here! Are you guys coming for Conference? We would still LOVE to see you both!! Love ya, girl!!!

  2. aww lets go back to Europe together! the 4 of us?! ya? haha and you look gorgeous in that picture!! p.s. I probably would have passed out if I saw someone else pass out...

  3. ah! I miss Europe too! Brian has a class with Brother Allison this semester and its made me think about Europe too! what fun times!



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