Anniversary, braces, and a NIECE!

A lot has been going on lately! I realized today thinking about all the craziness I needed to update this blog majorly!
I last left you with our super hot Sunday sprinkler adventure, and right after that we celebrate our 1 year anniversary!
I cannot believe it has been an entire year since we have been married. It has gone by so fast, although we have experienced so much together. I often underestimated what it meant when someone would say they loved their spouse "more now than the day they married them", but I honestly know what they meant now. We have been through so much and each day I am reminded why I needed Jordan in my life. He knows me so well and can make me happy in exactly the way I need him to.

Wedding Day!

We had a fun weekend in Salt Lake. We totally spoiled ourselves and got to stay in a hotel and swim in the pool (a huge upgrade from our sprinkler excursion), we explored the city and got dressed up for a date! They date was really fun! We took a bike taxi (picture 1) to a restaurant and walked around the streets at night. We also found a "1" at the conference center and took a photo!
Some details of our life at the 1 year mark:
Where we live:
       34 Carlson Ave Apartment 3 Rexburg Idaho, a tiny apartment in an old 1920's building.
Our favorite date activity:
       Probably bike riding to Snoasis, laying in the park, our temple night dates.
Our favorite restaurant:
        Ok we don't have many options here so we honestly love fried lasagna at Olive Garden, it's an appetizer and oh so good!
Our best day so far in our year of marriage:
       Probably the days of our honeymoon in Hawaii
Our biggest argument:
       Haha! I think it was over something stupid... can't remember!
Current favorite hobbies:
       Jordan- definitely mountain biking he is obsessed! Mine- definitely sewing, taking 2 sewing classes this semester!
So we have had a fun year and I can't wait to see what comes next! Love you Jordan
Another update: Jordan got braces this week!

You can tell he is not too happy about them. I have been making him milkshakes and popping him full of meds to help. Still he keeps his silly personality and makes me laugh!

We have an addition to our growing family 
Our niece baby Monroe was born today!

She was born at 1:19pm today, at 6lbs 12ounces, and 19.5 inches long. She is so adorable! I borrowed these pictures from our brother Justin, because unfortunately we couldn't be there.
We love you Amelia and Hud! Can't wait to meet our newest niece Monroe, she is so lucky to have you as parents!



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