So I haven't posted in a while....

After school let out we had a party!! Actually we went on vacation, but it was pretty much a party all around. We got to go to Zion's National Park with Jordan's side of our family. It was a blast to spend time with everyone, hike in the canyon, and play lots of games. We then headed home to California to see my family and we did a few fun things with them. We went to the beach, cruised around newport harbor for family fun day, and had a couple girl's nights with my sisters and mom.
Now we are back here in Rexburg working, and trying to salvage the end of summer as best we can. On Wednesday Heather, Denise and I floated down the river together. Three women, yep pretty much call for hilarity. We had a few close calls, such as getting stuck on a rock at one point, but we survived. By the end of the river we were shivering cold and actually turned the heater on in the car! Memories of winter, oh I don't want to meet you again!
This weekend Jordan's business has a booth at the county fair. When I say "county fair" I mean just that. Rodeo and all!
I'll update this again soon with photos and hopefully a few good stories to tell.
Until next time enjoy summer and have a fun weekend!


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