If You Send Your Husband to the Store....

       If you send your husband to the store to buy some bread for dinner, he will probably end up getting a little something for himself. 
He won't need anything extravagant.... maybe just some thing simple like some ketchup. Then, he will think to himself " Ketchup is pretty boring, I'd better get something else to come home with."
He won't choose ice cream, cake or cookies. No, he will head straight for the pickles.... and grab the biggest jar he can find.
Then he will think to himself, "Well if I am coming home with two things for myself I'd better get something for my wife." He thinks it over before deciding on some boysenberry jam, because he knows that's her favorite.
Then he will probably look at his basket and think, "Ketchup and pickles for me, bread and jam for her, but wait... the bread is really for the both of us. So if I have two things and Cassie has only one that's not fair."
Then he wil probably go around looking for something more for his wife. He might walk by the candy isle,  the shampoo, or the bakery, but nothing will seem to be quite what he wants. That is until, he smells something fresh and blooming. He will follow his nose to none other than the floral section, where he will stand admiring the colorful flowers. He will try and decide between two bunches of daisies, pink ones or red, orange, and yellow. Then he will probably think to himself "Why not both?"
So after 35 minutes he will be ready to check out with the bread, ketchup, pickles, jam, and two bunches of daisies.  On his way home he will get a call from his wife.
"Hey where are you?" she will ask, "Dinner is ready and on the table, did you get distracted?"
"I am sorry I got caught up, I promise you'll be happy when I get home!"
"Okay, I just wanted to make sure you're coming back, I am ready for you."
Then he will probably arrive at the apartment to his wife sitting at the kitchen table ready to eat. When she sees the flowers she will give him a big hug and squeal with excitement, then she will observe the other odd, mismatched items and laugh, "What did you get?" she will ask.
"Well when you send your hungry hubby to the store he might come back with more than you bargained for."


  1. this made me laugh, too cute!

  2. haha adorable. i have officially decided husbands do struggle at going to the store, definitely a woman's job!

  3. i just stumbled across your blog (via Megan and Justin's side bar).

    THIS POST IS HILARIOUS! And so, so true! I have learned in the past year of marriage, when something is forgotten to dinner I leave it out, or leave the hubby home to watch the stove while I run to the store! :)



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