Lovely Sunday

We had the perfect Sunday today. The weather was gorgeous, we had a little barbecue with the coolest kids in town, and went on an evening bike ride with the Tingey's and James's cousin. I don't know what it was about today, but it was the most refreshing day I've had in a while. Maybe because I worked 30 hours this week and took an exam Saturday, all I know is today felt extra refreshing. 

Jordan is a great "barbecue-ist" as Chad would say... he grilled some mean chicken and sausages

Ashley is too cute on her pink bike

I feel like we've been wasting our Sundays, so from now till it snows I want to take full advantage.
What do you enjoy doing on Sundays? 


  1. thanks for the fadora compliment on my blog haha. Let's just say it's a lifesaver cuz you know me and my crazy hair and my lack of enthusiasm to shower often lol. I love that you have a blog! keep updating

  2. it was a good BBQ! lets do something outside every Sunday! :)



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