I caved....

Alright I did it. I created a blog. Let me tell you this wasn't an easy thing for me to do. I don't know what my problem has been. Jordan and I have been married nearly 9 months now and he has always told me to make a blog. Here were my excuses:
- I don't have anything to write about (who was I kidding... Jordan is constant entertainment).
- I think blogs are only entertaining when you have kids to write about (again, Jordan has enough kid in him to keep me writing for days).
- I don't have time because I'm busy with school (true but at night I am always trying to find a craft to do or a show to watch to relax)
You can see the inner struggle can't you? Also, why was I being so complainable?! The truth is BLOGS ARE FUN! I often stay up at night reading my girlfriend's (Danibree's, Megan's, Brittney's, and lots of others I blog stalk...), so why wouldn't I try it out?
I decided I needed to set some ground rules or else every other post will be a blabbing mess like this one so these are the things I will promise to do with this blog:
-I promise to write about our life together and apart, things we are doing, enjoying, and discovering.
-I promise to be totally honest (I find most blogs that are honest are way more interesting, but I love picking people's brains so maybe that's why they fascinate me so...)
-I promise to have fun doing it
-I promise to not have too many boring posts, I'll switch it up so you don't get sick of me saying "I"
-I promise not to let it distract me from school ("try to not let it distract me" is more like it)
-I promise to read all your comments so comment frequently!
 So here it goes... blogging.... giving it my best shot!


  1. cassie i lOVE this! i am so so excited! now we can be blogging friends! i cannot wait. here is my blogggg :) kelseyannesmith.blogspot.com

  2. yay cass you did it! hey add me as one of your blog friends. oh and i'm still waiting for that call missy! love you!

  3. Hooray! Way to take the plunge! Happy blogging!

  4. I'm so excited you did this!! Maybe I will be joining the blogging world soon too :) Love you!!



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