Fun weekend!

Well due to the fact that I am still a bit of a gimp (broken ankle), that it rained alot this weekend (Idaho weather),  that you all gave me great advice for newspaper recycling projects, and the fact that our bedroom needed major help, I managed to craft and decorate almost all weekend! My projects were a blast! I am not very crafty, decorating is more my forte', but honestly the ideas that were given to me for newspaper recycling were not in vain. This is what I came up with:

Thank you to all who suggested pinterest it is the perfect inspiration site! I have attached some to wires to these little "floral headliners" and put them in a vase, but I still have quite a few just floating around our
apartment... kind of like a news-filled garden. To learn how to fold go here.
Heather had a great idea to figure our a way to attach them to the wall, I think that would be pretty rad, so we will see what I can come up with. She also suggested keeping the newspaper for wrapping paper like this: 

I love it and I also really
 want to try these nails because they are so unique...

For now though, these worldwide stories have become flowers, or gotten crumpled up and put inside my stinky flats! I don't know about you, but my flats smell awful. Like it's a real problem, and I feel fortunate to have found this idea on Real Simple, not only for my benefit but for my closet too!

The next thing I tackled was our bed, I have been struggling big time with our headboard! So I called my sister Nicole, who is awesome at all things crafty, and she gave me some instructions to upholster it. They were so easy I don't know why I hadn't done this sooner. It took me about 30 minutes total to get the fabric on and it turned out like this:

Cute right??
I picked the wrong fabric! It was deep navy suede which was gorgeous up close but in our room and in front of the window it looked black. Just not right, Jordan said it looked like a "playboy" bed. EW!
So I found a new fabric and now I totally L-O-V-E it!

Jordan got his sushi on

This awesome husband also took me on a date this weekend. 
He has also been super busy with his business, and had meetings all weekend!
We had a wonderful long weekend, we recognized memorial day and even though it poured rain during our barbecue, had a nice time with friends and a great day off. Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!


  1. LOVE the headboard and the new pillow on your bed! adorable!!

  2. You have such a good eye for these kinds things! It looks so good! Let's all get together again and work on a new craft! I just bought this new hutch that I plan on painting! You should come over and help me work on it if your ankle will allow!

  3. How would you even do those nails??! They are so cool!

  4. cassie im sorry about your ankle!!! have u seen those paper mache news paper animal heads at anthro? idk if they are still online..but those would be cute!! tricky..but cute!

  5. where did you find that spicer walnut fabric on your drapes and pillows, we sell it at the GateHouse but it's like $90 a yard. p.s. your room is super cute. =)

  6. Hey Katie, I found it at a store here in Idaho called Home Fabrics. It's totally rad and was only like $8 a yd. Your blog is awesome! Hope you're doing well:)



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