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Last week I struggled with wanting to cook. Each day while in my classes I would dread having to go home and prepare dinner, and I seriously feel guilty about it! Growing up I think that was the question my mom asked my family the most, "What do you want for dinner?", I totally understand her now. It might not even be the cooking part of it, but the decision making that makes it hard. I also think having an empty fridge and cupboards made it hard for me to want to cook because I had nothing to make! Jordan was working until midnight and 10pm so I skipped dinner altogether most nights. He totally spoiled me on Friday and took me out to Thai food. It's our favorite little hole-in-the-wall restaurant here in Rexburg. The service is always awkward, the walls are a hideous bright yellow, but we feel special because we sit at the same table every time! It's great. 
Does anyone else have a quirky restaurant they love? 

Jordan lookin' good sporting his Interface watch

Last night I got my cooking desire back and made the most awesome dinner! I'm still thinking about it! 
I skipped the crushed red pepper and put a slice of parmesan bread right under the tomatoes. 

So Saturday we were invited to go camping at Lava near Pocatello with Megan and Justin and three other couples. The Fleckners, and two Hyder couples! It was a blast, and so fun to get out of town. The highlight of the camping trip for me was making S'mores! I love that treat!

Megan in the campsite

We were neighbors for a night:)

The drive up was truly gorgeous, we've had a lot of rain here lately so all the hills were very vibrant green and the sky cloudless. A perfect day for camping. Oh and one more awesome thing that happened last week... I stopped using my walking boot! Yay!! It feels good to be free!

The Ice Cream shop we got square ice cream (its just a square ice cream scoop), and cooled down after swimming in the hot springs.
So I'd say we had a pretty awesome weekend. This week has been slammed though with school work. I'll post again soon, for now I need to read Mockingjay! It's getting really good.


  1. cuties! omg im so so jelly you guys went camping..i miss the funny 4! (wait remember when we would call ourselves that?) lol.

  2. that recipes looks way yum! Iv'e been here for 4 years and I don't think we've ever been to that Thai place, we will have to check it out sometime!

  3. ahhhhh! just realized you have a blog!! im totally late ha ha so exciting! i am just so happy that i will get a small update. hency why blogs are great. i get to see tid bits of your life that i otherwise wouldn't!

    i totally felt like you (in being hesitant to start) i just didn't want it to consume my time and make me crazy obsessed with other people;s lives that i don't know. ha but it hasn't done that at all for me! anyway, long comment...but can't wait to see more!



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