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Warning: This blog is me venting frustrations, and looking for advice. If you don't want to read my sad story please don't read!
Okay in my last post I mentioned my advanced sewing class remember? Well if you don't, it's ok. I really didn't say that much. Mostly I was holding back, because I was upset and didn't want to sound whiny which I am sure I do, but I want to share my story. Ok here goes...
My advanced sewing class
What a challenge. I know, I know sewing SHOULD be my fun relaxing easy "A" class right? NOT! My other classes were like that but this one is not! My teacher grades hard, example a: I made a men's button up plaid shirt where the plaids had to match up in every way possible. She marked me down for having a small thread hanging off one of my button holes- true story. example b: my LINEN pants weren't ironed smoothly enough (linen wrinkles instantly) got marked down. You get the point.
I know this story is one sided, and you won't be hearing my teacher's side so let me tell you about her. She is an amazing woman! She lost her husband three years after they were married and has never remarried. She is an impeccable sewer. Seriously the best. She has taught middle school home-ec. sewing. I really love her and respect her skills, so I guess that's what makes this so hard.
This is the skirt.
Please excuse the wrinkles I was sitting in church.

I made it for the class. It was a fairly simple pattern so I focused a lot on getting everything right. I made sure the seams were even, and the hem was done well. I hand sewed the inside facing to the lining, and attached it so the side seams met perfectly. The invisible zipper even went in the first time and looks absolutely professional. Seriously this skirt is perfect! It it by far the best sewing project I have ever done. So I turned it in so excited, then I get it back. I got... a B?
 Now a B to me is not a bad grade. I am usually pretty OK with getting a B however, not in this case. I have never felt I deserved a better grade before on anything and I truly felt like I was being unfairly graded. So I looked over my grade sheet and noticed that my hem, lining, and inner facing were marked down as well as my fabric selection. I talked to her about my grade and asked why I had been marked down and she did explain that she had wrongly graded my fabric selection, but that the rest of the grade was final. No explanations nothing.. So I looked over the skirt again after I took it home. It looks perfect to me.
I am really upset. I know I shouldn't let this get to me but what can you do? Do I go back demanding an explanation? Is that rude? I am trying to see a lesson learned from this experience but I just don't see it. I don't know what I could have done to prevent the problem or change the outcome. So this is the story I am sharing with you. Have you had an experience like this? What did you learn?


  1. I talk to my teachers ALL the time about my grades haha if they know you really care about your grade and there is a reason you deserve and need a better one sometimes they have mercy! if she is as strict as you say, i don't know! but you have nothing to lose! maybe write her an's easier to get down what you are feeling when you can write it down yano?!!! p.s. i LOOOOOOOVE the skirt! it's adorable!!



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