Unexpected Blessing

 Jordan and I have been lucky enough to move into a new apartment! Yes it is gorgeous and so much more spacious, and a real upgrade from our last apartment. Here are some photos of moving in...

Moving day = a MESS!!! Luckily we had some awesome help aka Megan and Justing Loar. They made it so much easier! Now we are moved in and settled!
Jordan and I had an incredible experience this past weekend. I have been thinking about how incredible it was since it happened Saturday. It will probably seem silly to some of you and it might even seem superficial, but for Jordan and I it was nothing short of a miracle, and I feel impressed to share it. So here it goes....
 Jordan and I have been searching for about 2 weeks to find couches to put in our living room. Our budget was small and we really wanted something that could seat a bunch of people. Furniture is really hard to find and expensive! So we looked everywhere and tried our hardest to find something that would stay in our budget. The only things we could find were not ideal and still out of our price range.... So we decided, last Saturday, to give it another go. We drove about an hour away to an insanely awesome store called Hidden Treasures which has incredible furniture for cheap! When we got there unfortunately they only had 2 couches and neither of which would work for us price wise.... So we headed back to Idaho Falls and tried to make it to another furniture store where we knew there was a couch, but did not really want to buy. When we got there it was literally closing as we walked up the guy locked the doors and would not let us in! This is when we started getting really discouraged. We tried another place that was closed again at 6pm Saturday night?! UGH! We came to an unsettling conclusion that we would most likely have to stretch $200 outside our budget to get one to bring home. Earlier on we had decided to pray.
I have had a testimony of prayer since I was about 8 years old. I know that God hears us and blesses us when we have sincere, and  righteous desires. I felt silly for praying about a couch it felt worldly. I know there are many people in the world with MUCH harder challenges than this, but as I was praying I asked for help in finding something that will make our apartment feel like our home. I asked that we could find a decent piece of furniture in our price range that we would be able to include in our home. I asked that we could grow as a family and hold family home evenings and grow closer together in our home. With that we went a few more places where we again struck out and got some dinner then decided to head home.
As we were driving Jordan said we should try one more place... Big Lots. Big Lots really? I was going to object saying "they never have furniture", but I decided to just go with it. We walked inside and there was like 5 different couches. Still out of our price range, but we actually had options! They were all nice looking and would work in our place! We definitely hadn't had options yet so it was exciting. The one that worked the best for us was still more than we wanted to pay but we felt like we should do it.
Then a couple told us that we could get an extra %20 off, making the couch exactly $3 under our original budget! We were stoked!! We bought it and brought it home....

Now we have a home! 
I know it might seem silly, but it was a huge blessing of relief for us. Now we come home to a place that is inviting, not just a big blank room. We have a place to rest and recover from school. I know Heavenly Father blessed us big time to create a home where we could gather as a little family and grow closer together. I learned that when things feel discouraging it might not necessarily be our "bad luck" or just inconvenience, Heavenly Father might be leading us down a better path, to something that will be much better for us in our specific situation. So I say TRUST in the Lord. Know he has a plan for you and if your strive to follow that plan He will make it possible. 
I hope my story inspires you and reminds you that you can always turn to Heavenly Father and He will do what is best for you. 
Happy Monday



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