Jordans unconscious ramblings

So here it is 2:30 in the morning and I am not the least bit tired..... (third night in a row), so I am sitting here in bed because I refuse to go out in the living room and get sucked into infomercials again like last night which kept me up til 5:15. I think not being able to sleep fuels the inability to fall asleep because its all so stressful that you worry your head off about needing to fall asleep that you can't sleep at all...... (wrap your head around that)

but that husband of mine he is so helpful,

he provides excellent entertainment for me tonight so I won't be lonely.


Jordan talks in his sleep and its something I completely adore and crack up over again and again.

A bit of his unconscious dialogue:

"Where hunt hen him"

"Just go down the house"



and he just told me "good girl", which I am taking as full encouragement that this blog post is a winner.

He is a pleasant sleeper, this one, he plants himself in the center of our queen-sized bed with a look of pure contempt and falls asleep in 2 minutes flat. I am envious of that trick which I believe is a pure talent that was given to him because when I say 2 minutes flat that is NO exaggeration, me I can fall asleep on a regular night in 20 mins.

Update: he just said "you're silly", which is probably due to the fact I am laughing at this blog post, trying not to shake the bed or use too much abdominal muscles in the process because this body still hurts. (is it lame to laugh at your own post? I think not!)

Woah I got sidetracked there.

Anywhooo....... moral of the story, how cool is it my husband still entertains me in his sleep? Never will I get enough of this guy. Did I mention sleep talking is a nightly occurrence in this apartment? So you will have more ramblings to enjoy soon enough.

Goodnight to you joyful sleepers, I will rejoin you soon.


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