For Now......

Earlier today I wrote a big elaborate post on how I have been sick the last few days, how awful it has been and how incredible my husband has been at taking care of me (which is so true).  Well he just got me out of the house tonight and I came home re-read my big long post and............ I canned it. I don't know if it was the drugs talking or the crazy cabin fever, or the inability to move but it was all wrong. So now I am at a loss for words to explain what has been going on in the Brady household lately so instead I will just let these speak for themselves.


After all, a picture's worth a thousand words right?


  1. I'm so sorry you've been sick!! That is no fun at all - but I'm so glad Jordan is there to take such good care of you! And, of course, You've Got Mail is my comfort movie too! I think of you each time I watch it :) Hope you feel lots better soon!!



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