It's been a while

I am back! We have been gone far too long! You are probably noticing a change in scenery around here... Please let me know what you think of this layout. I think I hate the font it is kinda hard to read, but I will be making some changes here, so any input is welcome. As I just start writing this post I realize how much I have actually missed blogging. Writing has always been enjoyable for me, and it became a habit. Then we went to California for two months and my habit got ignored, now I am back and it feels good.

I don't even know where to start.

Most of you who read this blog know my husband and I very well, in fact, you probably know what has been happening in our lives just as well as we do, so I will keep it quick.

We had a wonderful holiday spent with Jordan's family this year. We did handmade gifts which was REALLY fun! I want to do it every year! (It helps that his siblings are naturally creative)

For the holidays we also got to go to the mountains with my siblings and my Dad's side of the family. What a blast! My cousin's from Texas had never met Jordan and we had a packed house with all the family on my Dad's side in our grandparents cabin in Idyllwild.

After the holidays Jordan had jaw surgery. It was an interesting experience, if I ever feel so inclined to write about it maybe I just will, but not yet, it is still too soon as I am a little traumatized about seeing my husband so beaten up and miserable. Anyway, he is a new man! The surgery changed the look of his face, in my opinion, drastically. He is now looking great! Back to normal pretty much.
right before surgery
(in comparison I can really tell how much his upper jaw recedes in this photo)

pretty much the worst swelling he had

feeling great but still swollen

looking better!
Just last week... he looks worlds better!

While there I got to nanny for two families, one of which was my adorable niece Lola! We did lots of fun activities. I played with my other nieces and nephews and spent time with my siblings.

Lucy on a pinkberry date with me

Jordan became obsessed with making skateboards. It was his saving grace because it totally kept his mind off his mouth.

So now we are home in our apartment and glad to be here, so grateful for the opportunities we had in California to spend time with family and to get Jordan's jaw fixed. This post has gotten lengthy, but I am learning how much writing can be helpful in bringing together thoughts and experiences, and now I am back on the horse.


  1. Love the update - keep them coming!! :) I'm glad Jordan is feeling better! And the layout is super cute!! Love you!!

  2. i am kind of obsessed with this layout! it's SOO you! oh and I love this post....keep em coming girl! miss u



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