I failed!

I failed on Monday Quote-day! Sorry my only excuse is that it's finals week in the Brady "apartment-hold" so we have two very stressed out students, no food, and one cute little kitty that came to live with us. More about her later:) For now I am doing make-up Tuesday and giving you a quote that is very fitting for our situation.

I feel like I need to print this out big and stick it on our fridge!
This week has been hard. We have been stressed to the max, and totally wanting to quit. I have a paper that's overdue and I am still having a hard time buckling down and doing it. I appreciate this quote though, it reminds me that the hardest things in life are probably worth the effort. Can't wait to graduate only 2 semesters left for me!
On another note....
Today is the anniversary of Jordan's dad's passing. I unfortunately never met him, but I hear from his siblings and stories he tells me how much fun he was and what a strong member of our church he was. He would tell the kids when he dropped them off at school to "HAVE A GRRREAAAT DAY!" by yelling out the window as he was driving away. Jordan loves that . He also tells me about childhood stories of getting breakfast Jacks before baseball games, or his dad making him toad-in-the-hole sandwiches.
We got to listen to Jordan's dad's voice today on a recording that his brother, Kenny, recorded for Jordan that warmed my heart.

We are so grateful for our church and that we know that Jordan and I will be able to see Ken in heaven again because we are sealed through the priesthood. What an incredible blessing and comfort in this crazy life on earth.


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