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So I feel like I need a little structure to this blog. Lately I have been just throwing up photos and not really putting much thought into it. I got some inspiration today! Mondays are usually a day where I need some brain motivation, so it will be the day to throw something wild out there and let all our brains run wild with it. Quotes, thoughts, questions if you request it I will do my best. Something to get us all going for the week right?
My Monday:
 I actually accomplished a lot of things....
Attended class (kinda a no brainer)
Drove to IF with Jordan just to buy one stupid zipper
Sewed a complete hoodie sweatshirt for my advanced sewing class, and completed a portfolio for the class (more to come about that class later)
Exercised (I know its a rare occurrence!)
finished a photography project
and made dinner
-- but now here it is 10:30 and I have a 1500 word paper due in the morning and I can't buckle down and do it. My brain wanted something fun, so while I was procrastinating I came across this

If this is true then I should be a pinterest surfer for the rest of my life?
That really did go through my head...

Then I realized there is something kinda cool about that. I started realizing the things I do to procrastinate.... spend time with Jordan, sew clothes, cook, read, write this blog like I am doing now.
I kinda thought those things make me who I am and it's who I want to be. I want to be a wife who spends lots of time with her husband, a mom who can sew anything her girls need her to, a decent cook, someone who enjoys reading (I guess I already do) and maybe someone who writes great stories. 
So for now this is something we can all mull over, maybe what we choose to do in our free time, or procrastinated time tells us something about the person we are. 


  1. haha LOVE the quote. i am procrastinating AS WE SPEAK. i just keep blaming it on my husband being home with me. but i have a serious problem. at least it sounds like you do productive things while you procrastinate! i cant say the same for me.



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