So we went on an adventure....

(Quite) A few Sundays ago we were blessed with warm weather! After a morning at church Jordan and I came home to our apartment and quickly came to our senses. "What are we doing inside?! Lets go on an adventure, quick grab your shoes and throw on some shorts!" Only I wish it was as candid as that, we actually had it all planned out. It had been a beautiful weekend warm everyday and we wanted to get out and experience something new.  We called our friends Jack and Erin Cohen, with whom we had attempted this adventure last year; only to our dismay we drove nearly two hours to get there and discovered the pass had been blocked by a massive mudslide.  We were going to prevail this time though, so off we set! We were headed to Jackson. This is my documentation of our day.

If you have ever talked with me about my experiences in Idaho, I have probably bored you with what I think is my most exciting moment as a college student here; the morning I saw a moose.
Oh I love Moose! They are incredibly dopey and the one I saw seemed to be smiling with it's tongue hanging from its mouth, making me love him even more. So on this trip to Jackson I was determined to spot a moose and fulfill all my moose dreams. Erin and Jack assured me, that each time they go they always see one, but by the end of the trip there were none to be seen.



We were worried until I saw one! Hiding by a hill it was just laying down being lazy and awfully boring. We watched her for a while(she was a her because she had no antlers), and started to drive home again, satisfied with our moose sighting. Then we spotted TWO more! A momma and her baby! A moose miracle!

(*** this post has been wayyyy overdue I just found it in my drafts section, but enjoy nonetheless)


  1. You are too cute, Cassie!! I love that you guys had a little adventure and I love that gray and white rug - super cute and I want one!! Miss and love you tons!! Let's chat soon, it's very overdue!! :)



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