A No Good, Very Bad Day

I woke up this morning feeling eh, not so great. Jordan got me up and out of the house and off I went along my way going through the motions but not really comprehending anything. So I took a nap thinking "surely this will perk me up" but it failed to put a "happy dent" in my unfortunate wreck of a funk. I ate some jellybeans thinking "these will make me awake and peppy". Those jolly rancher jellybeans did little more than make me breakout. I made last attempt and resorted to cookie dough ice cream which gave me nothing but a stomach ache. Then I get a call from my mom.
"Sparky is missing."-- yup thats pretty much how it went.
Our cat who I grew up with my entire childhood has not been doing well lately. He is old, we know it. So it is not odd that he wandered away to die as cats do. It is strange to me though that this little animal can make me feel sadness when I think of him gone. I remember so many times when he was around and the whole family tells his stories like he is one of us. Deciphering his quirks and laughing about his antics. I try to picture him falling asleep under a flowery bush in the sun you know? We know he wasn't feeling good, but that just put the cherry on top, and it made me realize. Maybe this day wasn't supposed to be good. It was a day meant to be a no good very bad day.


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