Jordan's unconscious ramblings.... part 2

I haven't been sleeping lately.

I guess I am just not tired enough to fall asleep, so I end up staying up really late, reading, writing, watching Hart of Dixie which is charmingly sweet and totally corny.

In my sleepless state I think I am doing my husband a grand disservice, but I am getting a kick out of it, let me tell you.

I think because I am awake, tossing, turning, and laughing at my book or computer screen it actually brings out Jordan's sleep talking even more than usual.

Last night he started yelling PG rated profanities and promptly told me there was Red Bull everywhere.

Went something like this: "Frick frick frick frick shoot oh no. Red Bull EVERYWHERE!"

Apparently it was all over him, all over his clothes, and then he demanded that he was not going to clean it up.

If you know Jordan you know he has a slight (cough* cough* MAJOR) obsession with Red Bull.

When Shawn White announced he was leaving Red Bull behind as a sponsor and going with Stride gum, Jordan quickly vowed never to chew Stride and cast Shawn off his favorite athletes list once and for all.

I constantly catch him watching Red Bull videos on YouTube and we've had many a conversation at dinner beginning with "Did you know Red Bull....".

I love it don't get me wrong. I am all for the things Red Bull endorses, extreme sports wise. I actually really loved watching Felix Baumgartner jump from 128,100 feet above the earth with the help of the Red Bull Stratos team.

What perplexes me is how this obsessed husband of mine could get so worked up about his favorite energy drink being "everywhere!" I mean when someone is that in love with a drink don't you think they would want to be swimming in it, even if just in their dreams?

I'd like to take a swim in some Passion Tea Lemonade from Starbucks, or maybe a soak in Salted Carmel Apple Spice Cider. Thank you very much.

For now I guess I will just have to quietly agree to clean up the subconscious mess his favorite drink created, and continue to write about it here. Even if it is completely useless nonsense, I like writing about just the same.


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