I am in the library trying to get my html project done  and also plan out every minute of my life in my day planner and I look down at my hands..... 

Do you see the problem here? Besides the whiteness of my skin and freckles..... I forgot to pain the other fingers! Best part? I painted my nails Monday. It is now Wednesday.

I have no explanation other than I must have gotten busy and completely forgotten. Could I make this a fashion trend? You know... like painting your ring finger a different color? No I do not think so. Even Lady Gaga couldn't pull this one off... ok maybe she could but I am not the Queen of Crazy. I am a normal college student who rolls out of bed 10 minutes before I have to leave for class. I am the student who lives in the library and even sometimes considers napping on the benches ( I haven't though because I can't sleep in public places). I try and cook dinner most nights but I would say pizza frequents our house regularly, either that or the crock pot. Somehow I still feel like I am drowning and I can't even finish painting my nails. 

Through all of this though Jordan and I love our lives right now. We work hard, study hard and get to play a little on the weekends. We love where we live right now and we love that we always have each other to talk to. Every day we talk about how lucky we are to have each other and to be doing what we are. We get to go to school, we get to have good jobs, we get to have our own apartment we can call our home. We are so blessed and we never want to forget that.

So even through the craziness, when I feel like I am losing my mind, when I realize I haven't painted my nails, or when I can't bear the thought of pizza but I have no time to cook something delicious. WE laugh and remember how lucky we are. 

On that note... I finished a project last night, and thanks to Heather and Stephanie!  Today between classes I came home and hung it up.

It is awesome right? I love it and it wasn't hard to make at all. Just don't look too closely because, just like my nails, I still have a couple of tips that still need to be painted. :)

Have a happy week!


  1. hahahah so so awesome. and ps you better not be saying there is something wrong with freckles. you rock those things like it ain't no bodies business. good luck on your project!! we should celebrate when it's all done.

  2. hah! this made my day! and ps I love the mirror!!



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