Today is my Dad's Birthday!
I have always felt close to my dad. I think this is because he has influenced so much of what makes me who I am. I can remember being young and recognizing him teaching me to always be open minded. He helped me see that I should be open to all things, people, cultures, faiths, etc. While I do think that being strong in who you are and strong in your personal beliefs is of vital importance in life, I also feel that being open to other people's way of life makes us better people. In my life I feel that being open minded has blessed me more than I even realize. I have been able to accept other religions and speak with people about their faith openly. I feel like people realize I respect them for who they are, and I know that having this open mind has brought many opportunities to me.
My dad has given me the fascination I have with travel. He has always taught me about other countries he has visited and shown me pictures. When I was eight he took me to San Francisco, my first trip to a fun city. I feel in love with the atmosphere of that city and again, he taught me open mindedness when he had me take a picture with a girl who had bright purple hair! I remember him telling me that if I ever wanted to have crazy color hair, or dress in an extreme way he would always love me and support me for who I am. Haha I never had the desire to be extreme like that, but I love the way I felt like I could be myself.
He helps me open my eyes to the world. He has me look at things in new ways, and has me see beauty in things I would have never noticed. He loves architecture and each time I see an odd building or something different, I think of him.
Dad, you've always been there for me. You've made me who I am and I am so grateful for your influence in my life. Happy Birthday!


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