Calling all "crafters"....

I have a big dilemma, in one of my communications courses our professor requires that we read the Wall Street Journal everyday. He made sure that we signed up for a subscription so we would get the fully covered stories, not just the short online version. So now we get the paper delivered every morning! I have totally learned to love this and I think Jordan also loves getting the newspaper too. The only real problem is I don't know what to do with all my leftover papers! I have been forcing myself to throw them away each time I clean my house. It's tiny and we have no room for clutter. Each time I let one pile of news-filled stories fall into the trash I feel this tremendous guilt. Not only because we live here in Rexburg and there is no recycling service (that I am aware of), but also because these stories are so well written and depict what is truly going on in the world outside our newlywed bubble.  So what can I do with my old newspapers? I immediately thought of crafting them into something cool, but as I searched online I didn't find anything that looked worthy enough to try and tackle. Has anyone done anything cool with newspaper lately? What have you seen other people do? Post a comment with a link or just describe to me what you've done and please let me know asap so I can stop wasting my paper!


  1. In case anyone is in the same dilemma: here is advice I've gotten on fb:
    Pamela Sue Hay You can put recycling in the big blue bins in the walmart parking lot. Also what my roommates have done is cut them into different kinds of hearts (you could do any shape) and string them around the apt. It's really cute.

    Natalie Faught Fenn Go on and type in 'newspaper' in he search bar. That's where I find most of my crafts :)

    Heather Schultz Georgianna i have a million too..James had to get those for his class!

    Hilary Kaline Hanson!!

    Cambra Ball usually has some cool craft ideas

    Cassie Franklyn Brady Ooh I love design sponge an I'll checkout pinterest for sure! Let's craft them together heather! Thanks everyone!

    Heather Schultz Georgianna I've used it for wrapping paper too! Lets put our brains together!

    Hilary Kaline Hanson Let me know what you come up with! Collin is going to be gone for the next few weeks!

    Lots of great ideas thank you! If anyone has more please don't hesitate to share :)

  2. here's a few ideas!



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